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Session: Graphite realism for beginners

Details in short: Draw realistic pictures

Description:  Ever wondered how artists create images that look life like and just by using a pencil? This session is going to help you understand the art and science behind drawing a realistic image.

What will be covered –

1) Some misconceptions on drawing/painting

2) Fundamentals of drawing/painting

3) Fundamentals of Graphite Realism & its importance

4) Purpose of ‘Realism’

5) Impact of Realism in International Market

6) Graphite & Charcoal properties, differences & how to use them wisely

7) Papers, their quality & how to choose them wisely

8) Information on tones/grades/values & textures

9) Techniques to incorporate various textures

10) Live sketching of a still life

11) Live sketching of a portrait

12) Preserving your works

13) Aspirants will be able to carry back a finished work after the workshop

14) Questions or qualms will be discussed & answered/clarified

 Age group:

Skill Level: Beginner

Pre required knowledge: none

Schedule: 2 hours per week


Material’s that will be provided:

What to bring all the material will be shipped. Please ensure that you have an internet connection of at least 1Mbps speed with a UPS backup for the computer in case of power cut

Takeaway from the session: A beautiful self created realistic art work and techniques of preserving the art work

Artist’s Profile:

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