Baking classes
The smell of freshly baked bread and the joy of biting into a super soft cup cake is unlike anyother. Bloom and Grow is bringing to you professional Baking classes in Bangalore. Learn the art of baking, cake and cupcake decoration, pipning techniques and so much more in this baking classes

 Baking classes in Bangalore Right in Koramangala at Bloom and Grow

Attend the cake Baking workshops right in your backyard Koramangala at Bloom and Grow. These  cake making classes are designed to help you learn this yummy dish. Apart from the basic sessions, you can also ask for customizations :

  • enrol in the professional baking courses,
  • eggless cake classes,
  • oil free cake making classes,
  • cake and bread baking classes,
  • cake decorating classes,
  • weekend baking classes,
  • fondant cake classes,
  • cupcake decorating classes,

Takeaways from the class

  • you will learn each step hands-on method
  • the handouts will aid you remember the step-by-step instructions
  • ingredients and usage
  • ovens and aids in the kitchen
  • temperature setting
  • piping techniques
  • packing methods

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