Textured Painting in Acrylic Colors – Beginner workshop in Bangalore

Textured Painting in Acrylic Colors – Beginner workshop in Bangalore

Textured Painting in Acrylic Colors – Beginner workshop in Bangalore

Acrylic texture mediums can create really cool effects that would be difficult or impossible to create otherwise (that is, by using just plain acrylic paint). This workshop is all about how to use textured acrylic mediums to add oomph and pizazz to your work:

1. You can create impasto effects, with dramatic peaks and valleys
2. You can sculpt the acrylic medium before it has dried on the canvas
3. You can use woodcutting tools to carve into the acrylic medium after it has dried on the canvas
4. You can create staining effects by painting over the acrylic medium with a wash of acrylic paint

There are many ways to apply and use acrylic texture mediums – the sky’s the limit! With so many possibilities, this workshop only touches the surface of what’s possible.

Artist – Micky Sujan
Micky was part of the recently held 50-women artist prestigious show, Akanksha held at Chitrakala Parishath

TakeAway – A textured Buddha Painting on 12 inches by 15 inches canvas

Day & Date: Saturday, 16th June 2018
Timings: 10:30am – 1:30pm
Fee: Rs. 1800 (Inclusive of material and taxes)
Register: bloomandgrow.in
Venue: Bloom and grow, Koramangala.

About Bloom & Grow:

Bloom & Grow facilitates artist-led art & craft workshops in studios and also, conducts art based corporate workshops across India.

Acryclic Colors Painting workshop in Bangalore

Acryclic Colors Painting workshop in Bangalore

Acryclic Colors Painting workshop in Bangalore

Indulge in a 3-hour Painting session – This time Paint your Buddha in acrylic colors with Impressionism technique. Participants will proudly carry their creation on 10 inches by 12 inches canvas post the workshop.

The guided session would be conducted by Micky Sujan.

Day & Date – Saturday, 27th Jan
Time – 10.30 am -1.30 pm
Fees – Rs 1200 per participant (includes all material cost) + GST
Venue: Bloom & Grow, Koramangala

About Bloom and Grow:

Bloom & Grow facilitates artist-led art & craft workshops in studios and also, conducts art based corporate workshops across India.

The Art of Acyrlics (Sketching & Acrylic painting sessions)

The Art of Acyrlics (Sketching & Acrylic painting sessions)

Sketching and Acrylic painting Classes
Grüne & Black

Experience creating your own great art with acrylic paints like never before. Grüne & Black returns with a brand new workshop on the fundamentals of acrylic painting. Featuring a range of modules covering the basics of drawing, perspective and shading; colour theory, mixing and techniques; and compositions on canvas.
This is an intensive workshop over 4 weekends that will get you started on a journey of artistic endeavours that you perhaps never imagined possible. Ideally suited for late teen / adult participants, it requires no prior background or experience in art. If you have experimented with art earlier or are looking to start, this is the workshop for you.
Do look up our FB page ‘Grune Elefant Art’ for further updates.

Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll learn at The Art Of Acrylics:

Module I
Start with Drawing
Creating basic shapes
Drawing principles & perspective
Shading techniques
Drawing Compositions

Module II
Introduction to Acrylics
The artist’s tool kit
Colour mixing and application
Techniques of acrylic painting
Introduction to Compositions

Module III
Creating your own compositions
Still Lifes
Abstract & Non-Objective

What we will provide:
A drawing tool kit comprising an A3 size drawing book, a set of pencils, art erasers and a scale
A Certificate of Participation on successful completion of the workshop

Participants will be informed in advance about painting materials required to be procured through the duration of the workshop.

Venue: Bloom & Grow, 17D Main, 6th Block, Koramangala. Bangalore 560095.
Landmark: Near Koramangala Club
Start Date & Time: Saturday, 9th September, 2017 | 9.30 am – 12.00 pm
Duration: 4 weeks (2 days a week – Saturday & Sunday mornings at the above time)
Workshop Fee: INR 8,000/- (Introductory fee of Rs 6,500/- per person)

About the Artist:
Mark D’Cruz is the founder of Grüne Elefant Art  (https://www.facebook.com/gruneelefantart/), an online art gallery and platform for upcoming and established artists to display and promote their artwork. As an artist, Mark specialises in landscapes, still lifes, abstracts and portraits. He studied art as a global business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, UK, and offers services in the areas of art consulting. He is himself an avid art collector.