Christmassy Floral Arrangements Workshop

Christmassy Floral Arrangements Workshop

Hear that festive buzz in the air? That’s the sound of Christmas approaching! And here at Urban Ladder, we’re celebrating it with a workshop on Christmas-themed floral arrangements.

Who is this for? Everybody really – whether you’re an absolute beginner or a dabbler in floral arrangements. If you are in the habit of holding Christmas parties, this will help you dazzle your Christmas guests. And if you’re not, we guarantee this workshop will make you want to throw a party this year.

At the workshop, a facilitator from Bloom & Grow will help you create a striking floral arrangement for your coffee table. You will work with fresh red carnations, white roses, foliage, and the traditional festive fare of dried pines. You will embellish the arrangement with cherries, satin, and candles. Your facilitator will also take you through the process of making a Christmas wreath.

Sounds fun? It will be. Come over for two hours of creativity and Christmassy goodness, and take home a bit of Christmas with you!

Ticket Price: Rs 800

Takeaway: A floral arrangement that you have designed.