Metalsmithing – Jewelry making

Metalsmithing – Jewelry making

Metalsmithing – This is a workshop for jewellery makers who would like to take their skills to the next level.

This will be a project based workshop. We will be focusing on cutting metal , surface texturing and finishing up.

In 5-6 projects, you will learn
How to handle a torch, balling up wire, annealing metal etc.
How to work harden using a hammer.
How to cut metal using shears.
Doming and shaping metal.
Filing/finishing projects, final polishing.
Cold connections – rivets & tabs.

You will NOT be learning sawing and soldering in this workshop. All cutting will be done with shears.

Materials provided, sheets of metal, copper and brass, beads
A small handheld torch.
Jewellers hammers,
Hole makers,
Brass brush for polishing

Date – Sat, 10th Feb & Sun, 11th Feb
Time – 1.30pm-7pm (both days)
Venue – Bloom & Grow
Workshop fees – Rs 7500 inclusive of material and tools provided (Some of the tools used at the workshop will be the instructor’s)

Please book by paying Rs 1000 in advance ; The balance can be paid on the day of the workshop. Please paytm the amount to +91 97315 88004

Bead Weaving Workshop

Bead Weaving Workshop

Bead weaving is a great technique and requires minimal space and tools, so it’s easy to get started.

-You will learn 3 core techniques, which will help you understand the basic thread-paths and how you can construct and embellish a piece of beadwork. We will learn how to make earrings, beaded rope necklace and bracelet using the below techniques.
– Right Angle Weave
– Tubular Netting
– Russian Spiral
-Attaching clasps and ear hooks to your designs
-Understand the various tools and types of beads available and what works best with what pattern
-Types of thread available
-Other Resources like links to online resources etc

Who can learn it
This is a beginner workshop, so the only pre-requisite is to be able to thread a needle.

What you need to bring to this class:
All raw materials will be provided. The materials provided will be enough to complete the projects you will learn and begin in the workshop.
However, if you have any ideas of what you would like to make, feel free to bring pictures, sketches or ideas. We can discuss and can provide you with suggestions.

Date – Feb 3rd and 4th
Time – 2pm – 6pm
Cost – Rs 3,500 per participant (includes all material cost)
Register –

Wire Jewelry workshop in Bangalore

Wire Jewelry workshop in Bangalore

Two day workshop on Wire Jewelry making

Bloom & Grow brings to you an intensive 10-hour workshop on Wire Jewelry making spread across two days (13th& 14th Jan). Make unique handcrafted wire wrapped jewelry by the end of the workshop. Adorn it, gift it, sell it.

The workshop will introduce participants to marking tools, hammering wire, forming loops, wrapped loops, closed spirals, open spirals, weaving with wire, wrapping beads, making earring hooks, neatly finishing wire jewelery, trimming ends, fining sharp points etc.

Participants also get to learn basic properties of metal, work hardening, softness, hardness, annealing. One gets to work on different wire gauges, different types of metal – coloured and non coloured metal.

All materials needed for the workshop i.e. wire and beads etc will be provided.

You take away aesthetically designed neatly-finshed jewelry pieces by the hidden designer in you!

In addition, tools (round nose pliers, straight cutting pliers, top cutting pliers) and a few meters of wires of different gauges in copper and brass can be taken home.

Cost: Rs 4,000 per participant (Costs are inclusive of all material needed for the workshop)

Date: Sat,13th Jan and Sun,14th Jan
Time : 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM (both days)
Pre-requisite: Participants should have some familiarity and prior experience with bead jewelery making
Trainer: Widad Mogral
Venue: Bloom & Grow, Koramangala