Art of Terrarium making

Art of Terrarium making

Art Of Terrarium Making-Clifftop Getaway

Terrariums are a creative way to infuse our homes and offices with much needed greenery.They are a visual treat that transports us to a forest floor or a nook in the garden.And when these living ornaments are a result of our creative expression,they become more meaningful.

Babita Sinha and Saumya Lakshman from Your Green Canvas have been making terrariums for 4 years .This art form is their greatest joy and passion and they cannot wait to spread the know how to create these mini worlds to new enthusiasts.

The workshop includes
1. Step by step guide to creating and caring for a terrarium.
2. Story Building with perspective details.(elevation,proportions,aesthetics,etc.)
3. Create Your Own Clifftop Getaway
4. Tips and tricks for indoor plants
5.  All supplies including a large Glass Goblet -around 11″,a customised pathway,a large ceramic double hut, soil, plants, gravel, rock, etc.

Don’t worry about bringing anything but yourself as everything else needed will be provided.
Basic course –
Date : 7th October 2017
Time : 11am – 1.30pm
Fees : Rs 3800/-(inclusive of material cost)

Trainer-Your Green Canvas(

Participant numbers are restricted. Prior registration is mandatory.