Kerala Mural on Canvas

Kerala Mural on Canvas

Trainer – Sandhya Mulchandani


About Kerala Mural: Kerala mural is the traditional art form of Kerala, which can be seen on the walls of temples in Kerala. This abounding tradition of mural paintings is mostly dating back between the 9th to 12th centuries CE, when this form of art enjoyed
Royal patronage. The murals palette consists of five colors (yellow, red, green, black and blue), so called Panchvarna art, previously prepared from mineral pigments and vegetables. This art form can be done on Canvas, Pots, Bamboo and Cloth etc.

In this four week course, you will learn –

– Compositions of the Kerala mural (elements such as face, features, ornaments etc.)

– Painting Techniques involved in Kerala mural (there’s quite a lot of techniques involve in Kerala mural)

– Apart from painting your own canvas, you will be able to view others painting different themes in Kerala mural.

– Advice on painting Kerala mural on other surfaces such as cloth, bamboo, pot etc.

– Hand-on experience of painting Kerala mural on a canvas of size 16 * 20 inches using acrylic color of your own choice.

– Life time advice and guidance (online) with artist.

The 4 week course is spread over 4 Wednesdays beginning from March 1st, 2017 from 10.30am – 1.30pm.

Artist – Sandhya Mulchandani from Tvis arts.
She has an experience of over 10 years in painting and teaching art forms. She specializes in Murals and canvas paintings.

What to bring: We’ll provide all the material required for painting.

Material provided at the workshop:

– Canvas (size 16*20 inches)

– Colors

– Brushes

– And everything else that is required.

Workshop Charges: Rs.5, 000 per person including materials.

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