Sketching Art Classes in Bangalore

Sketching Art Classes in Bangalore

Sketching Art Classes in Bangalore

Sketching Art Classes will commence from Thursday, Feb 1st at Bloom & Grow, Koramangala. The classes will be held twice a week:(Tuesdays & Thursdays) between 11 am -1pm.

The following course is designed to be covered in one month (16 hours); Adjustments and make up classes will be offered in case students are unable to attend in between on genuine reasons.

Getting started with the course
1. Introduction to Sketching and the course
2. Understanding the basics of drawing and the tools one needs

Lear how to draw a realistic eye
3. Drawing the lines and shapes of your eye
4. Adding the detail to your eye drawing
This will cover the basic types of strokes like
i. Hatching
ii. Stippling
iii. Smudging
iv. Shading
v. Scumbling

Learning line fundamentals
5. Basics of line drawing
6. Drawing a boot with contour lines
7. Learning about cross contour lines and how to use them

Learning shape and form fundamentals
8. Basics of geometric and organic shapes
9. Drawing a landscape with geometric shapes
10. Drawing a character with geometric shapes
11. Learn the basics of geometric 3D form
12. Learn how light and shadow work on 3D forms
13. Advanced form/highlight and shadow 16:40
14. Finding geometric forms in the human face 9:46
15. Creating a landscape out of geometric forms 18:12

Learning values and contrast
16. The value scale and how it works
17. Drawing still life value drawings
18. Creating amazing artwork with value contrast 11:54
19. How to choose your values

Learning space and perspective
20. Creating space and atmosphere in your drawings
21. Creating space with overlap, size, and placement in your drawings
22. Creating space with value and detail in your drawings
23. One point perspective
24. Drawing a farm in one point perspective
25. Two point perspective
26. Drawing a house and sky scraper in two point perspective
27. Learn how to add shadows to your perspective drawings
28. Learn how to draw circles in perspective
29. The 60% rule of two point perspective
30. How to draw a realistic perspective drawing
31. Adding light and shadow to a realistic perspective drawing
32. Three point perspective

Still life drawing
33. The basics of still life drawing
34. How to sketch a fruit still life
35. How to sketch architecture still life
36. Learn how to draw from photographs
37. Adding value to your photo drawing
38. How to create good composition
39. How to use thumbnails to create amazing art work

Creating textures in your drawings
40. Creating texture for your drawings
41. Learn how to draw brick texture
42. Learn how to draw wood texture and apply it to a form
43. Learn how to draw a reflective texture

Drawing the human face
44. Drawing the human face made easy
45. Drawing a profile view of the face
46. Learn how to draw different eyes
47. Learn how to draw the nose
48. Learn how to draw the lips
49. Learn how to draw the ear
50. Learn how to draw hair

Drawing the human figure
51. Sketching the human form
52. Structuring your figure drawings
53. Finding your center of gravity

Animation character design
54. Learn how I draw animation characters

Fees: Rs 5000 per student (An advance payment of  Rs 1,000  towards registration can be made. The rest can be paid on the day of the workshop)

Call 9900052747 to register.

Weekend art classes by Grune & Black

Weekend art classes by Grune & Black

Cracking The Art Code
By Grüne & Black

Many people I know are intimidated by the idea of creating fine art. Some even believe that great art is a skill exclusive to only the inherently talented.
Nothing can be further from the truth.
Like almost every other conceivable skill, art can be learnt and perfected with the same discipline that hones them – the 3 Ps: patience, practice and perseverance.

Cracking The Art Code is a ‘state-of-the-art’ workshop that gets you started on your desire to create timeless art. It covers intensive learning modules with sessions over a period of 8 weekends.

Start Date & Time: 4th March, 2017 – 29th April 2017 | 9.30 am – 12.30 pm

Duration: 8 weeks (every Saturday at the above time)

Workshop Fee: INR 2,500/- per month (Rs 5,000/- for 2 months)

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Module I
Start By Drawing
Basics of drawing and drawing tools & techniques. Includes –
– Brief History of Art
– The drawing kit, tools & accessories
– Drawing basic shapes
– Shading techniques
– Drawing Compositions

Module II
An introduction to acrylic painting on canvas. Includes –
– The artist’s tool kit
– Understanding colours and their application
– Acrylic paints and properties
– Basic techniques of acrylic painting

Module III
Painting Compositions
A multipart module on the A-Z of creating your artwork. Includes –
– Still Life & Landscape Painting
– Basics of composition setting
– Painting from images and real life
– Tools & techniques for high quality results

What we will provide:
– A drawing tool kit including a range of pencils, art eraser, sharpener and scale
– A3 size drawing book
– Certificate of Participation (on successful completion)

About the trainer:
Mark D’Cruz is the founder of Grüne Elefant Art, an online art gallery and platform for upcoming and established artists to display and promote their artwork. As an artist, Mark specialises in landscapes, abstracts and portraits. He studied art as a global business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, UK, and is also an art collector and consultant.

About Bloom and Grow:
Bloom & Grow facilitates artist led art & craft workshops and art based corporate workshops across India.