Brush Lettering

Brush Lettering

Brush lettering is about creating letters,strokes and projects with brushpens or brushtip tools. Brush lettering is a beautiful craft that is a tribute to hand lettering and calligraphy. It is more like Modern Calligraphy with Brush Script.  While calligraphy is the domain of the purists, brush lettering is more freestyle – it involves the use of brushes and brush pens.

Course will include: Study of basic strokes, upper case, lower case, numbers, word formation and techniques to enhance your final project. The workshop would cover various techniques to use brushes and the fine distinction of pressure variations.

Materials provided : Practice Guide, Brushpens (pack of 12), a folder, A4 size coloured paper

Needless to say, the artist will load you with a plethora of creative ideas

Date:17 Sep 2017
Time: 3pm – 5.30pm
Fees: Rs 1200 (inclusive of all material costs)

Stress management

Stress management

Stress Management Meetup-

Most of us live alone away from our families and friends in this big city managing everything on our own – Friends, relationships, work pressures and everyday stresses. Sometimes things get a bit too much and it helps to have someone or a group of people to just talk to. Just a support group of people in similar situations all looking to talk about their issues and express themselves freely to take the huge weight off their shoulders.

Stress management has become a challenge for many today. To address this, B&G is hosting a Stress Management Meetup facilitated by counsellor Dr Ishita Dutta. Dr. Dutta has been resolving stress related issues for over 15 years.

Hearing from other people makes our problems sometimes look easier to manage or even lighter in comparison and it helps to have a group of people we can open up to. With this in mind, if you feel you do have a lot on your mind and could benefit from talking to someone or a group of people, come by our support group on 23rd July at 5PM.

Complete confidentiality will be maintained. No pictures will be taken.

Agenda –

1. Meditation
2. Discussion on Stress Management

Date – July 22, 2017
Timings – 5pm – 8pm
Fees – 500/- per participant
Register –

Build the Wall E & Sphinx (LEGO Community build for 7-12years)

Build the Wall E & Sphinx (LEGO Community build for 7-12years)

LEGO WeDo & Community build day

LEGO WeDo Construction Kit is a simple robotics tool allows children to design their own interactive machines and then program them using drag-and-drop software. These projects help children to lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

Why LEGO WeDo?
Enables students to work as young scientists, engineers, mathematicians and creative writers providing them with the settings, tools and tasks for completing cross curricular projects.

How it helps?
A playful learning approach
Think creatively to make a working model
Develop vocabulary and communication skills to explain how the model works
Reflect on how to find answers and imagine new possibilities
Make systematic observations and measurements
Follow 2D drawings to build a 3D model
Write and present creative stories using models for visual and dramatic effects

Beginner – No previous experience required.

Projects covered:
Community build of Wall E/Volvo

Techniques covered:
Using motor, axles, gears, motion sensor, lever, pulleys and writing algorithms & programs

Take home:
A lot of FUN! Children will develop their 21st-century skills like problem solving, collaboration and communication.

Age group:
7 – 12 years

Rs. 900 for one session or 1500 for both

July 23

1st session 10.30 am – 1.00 pm – SPHINX
2nd session 2.00 pm – 4.30 pm – Community build WALL E and/or Volvo

Enquiries – Pls contact 9845030095

Glass Etching Workshop

Glass Etching Workshop


About Glass Etching: Glass etching is done to create a “frosted” design on the glass surface. It is done by applying chemicals (liquid or cream) on the surface that corrodes the glass and give us the required design/look.

What will we do: In this workshop, you’ll be etching a pair of glasses and one item that you can choose to bring. You’ll use different stencils to make various patterns on your glasses and design them according to your own style.

You’ll take following things back home:
1.A set of 2 etched glasses (Glasses will be provided to you at the workshop)
2.Your own item etched.

What to bring: We’ll provide all the material required for Etching. In addition, it is compulsory to bring one glass item of your own that you want to etch. Make sure that the glass item is not made of borosilicate glass and the item can be closed. e.g. wine/champagne bottle or glass container like nescafe container.

Material Provided at the workshop:
A pair of glasses
Etching cream
And everything else that is required.
( To know more about us, Like our facebook page: )

Workshop Charges: Rs 1,500 per person
Venue : Bloom and Grow Outdoor (Kormangala)
Payment can be made online or cash deposit.

For tickets, click link below

September 2015

Cubism workshop by The Purple Patch India

A workshop on the most influential ‘ISM’ of the 20th century – ‪#‎Cubism‬.

Follow artwork by famous cubists like ‪#‎PabloPicasso‬ and‪#‎GeorgesBraque‬

Participants will have a hands-on experience of the way cubists worked and will create their own cubist masterpiece with a focus on ‪#‎light‬ and‪#‎shade‬, ‪#‎contrast‬ and ‪#‎tones‬.

The ‪#‎artappreciation‬ session will include a module with a focus on how to read an artwork. During this session we will look into the unique challenges faced by the cubist artists and a ‘new way of seeing’ and depicting the world around them from multiple perspectives.

cubism art

Date – September 20th, 2015
Time: 10:00am to 1:00pm
Venue – B&G, Koramangala
Anyone above 16 is welcome to attend this workshop and the participation fee is Rs.500 (Rupees five hundred) per participant. Prior exposure to art is not necessary.
Please bring along an A4 sketch book (any entry level student grade book), and pencils.

More details –

Pre-registration is needed on or call us on 98804-51270.