Decoupage Backgrounds – Distressing, Wood Graining, Sponge Technique

Decoupage Backgrounds – Distressing, Wood Graining, Sponge Technique

Decoupage Backgrounds – Learn Distressing, Wood Graining, Sponge Techniques in one workshop

Isn’t it fun creating beautiful backgrounds for your decoupage projects?
Come explore three type of backgrounds which can later be used on multiple projects.

What backgrounds will be covered in the workshop?

1) Distressing on Tray
Learn distressing and add distinguished texture and rustic appeal to a plain tray. The workshop will cover wax technique of distressing. One can use this technique to give a different look to the existing furniture or perhaps to any leftover wood.

2) Woodgrain technique on chopping board
Woodgraining is the process of painting wood grain pattern on a panel that has been primed and prepped. This amazing technique allows you to turn a flat, bland panel into a beautiful wood surface.

3) Sponge technique on nameplate
Enhance the look of a name board by correct use of sponge technique and chalk paints.

Take Aways:
1) 10″ by 8″ distressed tray
2) 13″ by 8″ chopping board beautified by wood graining
3) 12″ by 6″ nameplate enhanced by sponge technique

Day & Date: Sunday, 3rd June
Fee: Rs 1600 (includes all material)
Time: 2:30pm to 6pm
Venue: Bloom & Grow, Koramangala

Trainer: Jasmine Siddiqui

About Bloom and Grow:

Bloom & Grow facilitates artist-led art & craft workshops in studios and also, conducts art based corporate workshops across India.

Photo transfer workshop – Beginner workshop in Chennai

Photo transfer workshop – Beginner workshop in Chennai

Photo transfer workshop – Beginner workshop in Chennai

In this workshop, participants will have a hands-on experience on techniques of photo transfer and distressing wood with chalk paints.

In addition to this, you will learn details about uses of different mediums for photo transfer and methods to seal your product, as well as creating the vintage effect. Further, the effect of different types of varnishes will also be taught.

All materials will be provided to complete a 8*8inches square wooden tray and two 4*4 inches tea coasters.

Photo transfer with black and white and coloured images, both will be taught.

After attending this workshop you will be able to use this technique on any possible type of surface and give your products the beautiful and elegant vintage and distressed finish. You will be able to transfer any image on the surface you want to!

Artist: Payal Kedia
Day & Date: Sunday, April 1st
Time: 11 am -2pm
Fee: Rs 1500 per participant (includes all taxes and material costs)
Venue: Studio Pepperfry, Nungambakkam

Wood Distressing Workshop

Wood Distressing Workshop

Come over to the Urban Ladder store on the 16th of Dec for an interesting workshop on the art of distressing wood. What’s distressed wood, you ask? Like distressed jeans, but cooler.

High quality wood ages well. It acquires a distinguished, rich patina over the years. What if you can recreate this seasoned look with a few nifty tricks? Distressing is the art of making an object appear vintage, by giving it a “weathered look”.

In this workshop, you will work on a simple wooden frame, and make it look like a treasured hand-me-down from the past. Facilitators from Bloom & Grow will guide you through the two hour process. You will use primer, candles, layers of colours, wax and more to achieve the desired effect. At the end of it, you will take home a weathered, rustic frame to hold a mirror, or your favourite memories. Armed with this cool new skill, you don’t have to wish for family heirlooms…you can make your own!

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