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Acrylic Painting Course by Arth by Kshama

February 27 | 4:00 pm - April 24 | 6:00 pm

Acrylic Painting Course  by Arth by Kshama

Acrylic paints are one of the most versatile and exciting art mediums for beginner painters.  The 8-day Acrylic Painting comprehensive course is designed for absolute beginners and will cement a strong foundation in understanding the medium and its working with various tools.

Participants will be guided through the course to understand LIGHT and FORM, MIXING of colors, applying LAYERS of colors to get the exact subject, COMPOSITIONS, and much more.

The series of workshops is a compilation of various interesting subjects in which we shall be covering various painting techniques with acrylic paints.  You will learn to achieve a wide range of painting techniques using BRUSHES, SPONGE, FINGERS, PALETTE KNIVES. We would be covering various forms like IMPASTO, TEXTURE Paintings,  DOT paintings, FLORALS, SCAPES etc


Day 1 (27th Feb): Brush Painting: By the Beach
We will begin by using brushes to achieve a wide range of strokes on a canvas/ thick sheet. The session would include brush work with different size brushes as we paint a seascape.

Day 2 (13th Mar):Finger Painting: The Evening Stroll
We are going to ditch the brushes and paint with our fingers. Feel more connected with your canvas and paints as you also get to bring out the child in you. Understanding how to paint in perspective is also the primary focus of the session.

Day 3 (20th Mar): Dot Painting: Paint a Dreamcatcher
Learn the aboriginal art of Dot Painting giving an embossed look to your painting and create a  dreamcatcher. Dot art is a painting technique in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image.

Day 4 (27th Mar):  Knife Painting: In love with Hydrangeas
If you have wondered how palette knives are used in painting, then this session with Palette Knives will be perfect for you. We will learn to paint pretty hydrangeas using the palette knife. It is amazing to see how palette knives can be made to create absolutely amazing effects.

Day 5 (3rd Apr):  Sponge Painting: The Colours of Fall
It is surprising how you can create artworks with simple tools like a Sponge. Learn how to use sponge to create various elements of a landscape – trees, water, sky, and more.

Day 6 (10th Apr): Impasto Painting: When Flowers come Alive
Impasto is a technique of applying thick and dramatic strokes of paint on canvas. It adds a textural dimension to the canvas whilst the paint stands out from the surface. The textures of an Impasto painting make a painting come alive. Learn how to get these textures onto a canvas with colorful flowers.

Day 7 and Day 8 (17th and 24th Apr): Texture Painting: Vintage Balcony
Learn how to create different textures and give a 3D effect on a canvas with different tools and techniques as we paint a pretty vintage balcony. This particular painting will take 2 days to be completed.

Materials required:

Note: While it is recommended that you sign-up for the full course, you may enroll for lesser days as well.

Date: Starting on Sat, 27th Feb and ends on Sat, 24th Apr (There will be no session on Sat, 6th March)
Day: Classes will be conducted on Saturdays
Time: 4 pm to 6 pm (IST)
Venue: Online classes on Zoom
Register Here: https://rzp.io/l/p8eEQ2SOdq

Fee (includes taxes): 
For all 7 sessions: Rs 3400
For any 6 sessions: Rs 3300
For any 5 sessions: Rs 3100
For any 4 sessions: Rs 2700
For any 3 sessions: Rs 2200
For any 2 sessions: Rs 1600
For any 1 session : Rs 850

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