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Sketching Online Course – Intermediates Level

March 6 | 12:00 pm - May 2 | 1:00 pm

Sketching course - Intermediates to Advanced Level

Learn sketching and pencil shading online with us in a structured 9-week course


Concave Forms
You will learn how light and shadow operate on concave forms like cups and bowls as well as how to create the illusion of convexity in your drawings. You’ll also learn how light operates on highly reflective objects.
Managing Complexity
Here, you will learn how to scale-up the basic shading process in order to shade complex subjects. The shading strategies you will learn here will ensure that, no matter how complex your subject, you will always know what to draw and shade next.
Organic Form
In this you will learn how to shade highly complex organic subjects by first simplifying them into their most basic volumes before layering on more complex and details light and shadow patterns. This skill is essential for any student interested in figure drawing.
Dynamic Shading
In this you will learn how to shade using dynamic mark making. This includes an introduction to cross-hatching as well as how to combine different kinds of shading and mark making techniques to create compelling drawings that are uniquely yours.


The Block-in
In this you will learn how to use the block-in technique to lay a light foundation over which you will craft your contour drawings.
Crafting Contours
You will learn how to combine the block-in technique with detailed contour drawings to create truly engaging line drawings.
Cross Contour
You will learn how to draw using cross contour lines. Cross contour lines are essentially latitude and longitude lines that create a topographic, volumetric drawing of your subject.
You will learn to draw foreshortened objects, giving the illusion of great depth and volume on the page.


Lumb Lines
You will learn how to use horizontal and vertical plumb lines to get a sense of how the various parts of your subject relate to one another.
Angle Sighting
In this you will discover how to use your pencil to extract the distance and direction between any two points on your subject and transfer it your page.
You will learn how to use angle sighting to triangulate the location of any conceivable point of you subject and get it on your page.


You will learn how to combine the foundational volumes of spheres cylinders and cubes in order to draw more complex objects.
You will learn to “sculpt on the page” by using the 3 foundational volumes as a basis for complex organic forms. This is an essential skill for every aspiring master.
Beyond The Box
In this, you will learn to create complex planar shapes from more basic boxes by turning to slice and combining them.
Drawing Rims & Handles
Cups, vases, and pitchers are common still life subjects, but students struggle with how to draw their rims and handles accurately. These techniques will help them master this.
Drawing Volumetric Still Life
You will learn how to accurately draw multiple complex still life subjects as volumes believably occupying space.

Materials Required:

1. Art Book (Cartridge Paper) – 150GSM or higher (A3 size preferred)
2. Long Tip Sharpener
3. Drawing Pencils
4. Ruler, Eraser

Age: Children above 10 years and Adults

Date: Classes will start on Saturday, 6th March and end on Sunday, 2nd May
Days: Saturdays and Sundays
Time: 12pm to 1pm (IST)
Venue: Online classes on zoom
Fee: Rs 5000

For registration, more details or alternate dates: contact 9900052747 

* Recordings of the sessions will be available in case someone is unable to attend the classes in between.

About Bloom and Grow:

Bloom & Grow facilitates artist-led virtual and offline workshops for individuals and for corporates across the world.

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