Gardening for Beginners – Online workshop


An Online Gardening workshop to get you hands-on in Gardening and develop a deeper understanding of Soil and Plants. Getting started with gardening can be a deterrent for a few. And that is what we are trying to leave behind as we help you uncover the basics in gardening and what you need to do […]

Impasto Painting- Online Workshop


Impasto is a technique of applying thick and dramatic strokes of paint on canvas. It adds a textural dimension to the canvas whilst the paint stands out from the surface. The textures get accentuated with the use of a palette knife. Materials required:  Canvas board  OR canvas pad OR Thick drawing sheet  – Recommended size: 8×10 inches/ 10×12 […]

Fluid Art Online Workshop for Beginners


We have a Fluid Art Workshop with Arth by Kshama planned for you. It is an intuitive form of art that is very captivating and gaining popularity amongst artists and amateurs alike. A fun painting technique that involves flowing acrylic paints resulting in mesmerizing works of art. We shall explore various techniques of acrylic pouring […]

Be a Spy! – Python Beginners Online Course for Kids


Be a Spy! - Python Beginners Online Course (10 sessions) What will your kid make? Over 15 hours, students will build their own Spy Code and build an encoder and decoder for it. This is a beginner level course and does not assume any prior knowledge of programming. What will your kid learn? Kids will […]

Color Pencil Sketch (12-days Online Course)


Color Pencil Sketch - A 12-Day Online Course Course content: • Highlight and shadow fundamentals • Blending fundamentals • Color scheme fundamentals • Two styles of drawing with coloured pencils • How to create realistic art • How to create cartoony art • Create textures • Types of colour pencils • Properties of coloured pencils […]

Zumba Free Trial Class (Online Session)


Zumba Free Trial Class with Namrata Sinha (Online-live Session) Register for trial here - Perfect for our younger Zumba® fans! Kids 5-12 years old get the chance to be active and jam out to their favorite music. How It Works Zumba® Kids classes feature kid-friendly routines based on original Zumba® choreography. It is easy […]

Five-day Online Art Camp with ArthbyKshama

Pay Now The 5-day online art camp is all about inspiring creativity in kids of all ages. These activities will keep your kids not only entertained and engaged but give them a zeal to DIY and upcycle things that are around them. Day 1: Monday, 18th Oct Zentangle Still Life - The Zentangle Method is […]

Rubik’s Cube Online Classes


This course is about getting you to solve the most famous puzzle in the world, Rubik's cube. If you tried to solve it in the past and failed, worry not... you will be guided step by step through unique methods. By the end of the course you will be able to solve the Rubik's Cube from any […]

Natural Soap Making – Beginner Workshop in Bangalore (Offline mode)

Jayanagar Bangalore

Learn the Art of real soap making – Natural Handmade Soaps with celebrity consultant, Soap Manufacturing Consultant, Certified Perfumer and Aroma Therapist - Neetha Bhoopalam. By the end of the 5-hour exhaustive workshop, one is competent enough to set up a small-scale handcrafted natural soaps, body bar business. The workshop goes much beyond learning the […]

Acrylic painting – Gold Foil Technique – Online Session

Acrylic Painting with Different Techniques for Beginners and Intermediates with Arth by Kshama Acrylic paints are one of the most versatile and exciting art mediums for beginner painters. Participants will be guided through the course to understand LIGHT and FORM, MIXING of colors, applying LAYERS of colors to get the exact subject, COMPOSITIONS, and much […]