Gardening classes in Bangalore

Gardening classes in Bangalore


We organize gardening workshops in our studio for beginners regularly. These consider workshops of different types –

Organic Terrace Kitchen Gardening– An interactive hands-on workshop, includes Training on making Potting Mix, Organic Manures and Organic Pest Management. Aiming to facilitate and guide people to grow their own vegetables, herbs, and fruits, free of chemicals. This training aims to promote Organic Gardening and Home Composting and making it easy for people to understand, start and maintain by themselves.

Topics covered in the workshop:

  • Introduction to Gardening
  • Importance of Organic Gardening
  • Selecting Plant containers
  • Seed Selection
  • Soil Preparation
  • Seeding
  • Watering and Timing
  • Organic Pest Management
  • Composting
  • Q&A

Miniature Garden –  They are an escape into a creative little world of your own! Come and get your hands muddy with Muddy Waters Miniature Gardens and create your own little secret garden.

Topics covered in the workshop:

  • What is a mini garden?
  •  Basic do’s and don’t before you start?
  •  What materials do you need?
  • Demonstration of how to create a basic mini garden (by Muddy Waters)
  • Guided steps on how to create a mini garden (by participants)
  • Maintenance and care
  •  Q & A

Broken Pot gardening –  It is a trend in gardening where you make fairy gardens out of broken pots and pieces. Pots can be created either from accidental breaks or from carefully planned cuts. We fill up the pot with planters’ soil and arrange the shards and soil and landscape it into a pretty fairy garden.


Miniature Garden Decor workshops in Bangalore

Miniature Garden Decor workshops in Bangalore

  • Fairy Garden Miniatures- They are the tiny add-on in your home garden. Make home decor by yourself. Decorate your garden with polymer clay. It is an art medium that is known for its versatility, pliability, and simplicity to working with.

This workshop is conducted regularly for beginners at our B&G studio. In this workshop, you will learn –

  • Brief introduction about the clay used-Polymer Clay.
  • Basic starters techniques like conditioning, curing and using household items to give textures to the clay.
  • How to make 2 accessories which you can take back and make your own miniature garden.

All the materials will be provided during the workshop.

  • Planter in ceramic x 1
  • Tall and Medium plants x 2
  • Accessory x 1
  • Soil
  • Stone/pebble/gravel
  • A free initiative kit will be given after the workshop

(Source of materials will be mentioned)

Takeaways from the Workshop

A handmade garden made by yourself at the workshop.


Find a few pictures of the workshop here.

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