Workshop on Success factors for Teens and Pre-teens by Work Life Skill is conducting a two day workshop on “Success Factors for growing Teens and Preteens” in association with Bloom & Grow.

A workshop designed specifically for children in the age group of 10 years to 16 years on 2nd May 2016 and 3rd May 2016.
Time: 10am to 1.30pm Venue: Bloom & Grow, Koramangala

An interactive, fun and resourceful workshop for your child. We believe your child’s tender years is just the right age to introduce the much needed skills for life. These are proven techniques conducted by a professional trainer and all activities will be supported by Quizes, Team games, Group discussions and Role plays.

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Wave 1

Time Management

Grooming & Body language

Smart Food Choices

Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence

Wave 2

Effective Goal Setting

Be a part of the Solution – Not a part of the problem

Formal Dining

Sharing Responsibility

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May 2 at 10:30 AM to May 3 at 1:30 PM
Fee -1,300/-

Career Leap – Summer Workshop


For parents of high-schoolers, this workshop on career assessment will help your child determine their interests based on scientific tools and assessment.

Announcing Career Leap Summer Workshop!

Free Demo on the Summer camp workshop on April 2nd, 2016 and April 9th, 2016 from 5pm to 6pm.

About the workshop –

2 days of multiple intelligence based activities that map competencies, give a powerful insight into –

Individual strengths and a list of careers that match skills.

Inviting grade 8-9-10 students to experience a revolutionary experiential career guidance product to help them make informed career choices.

Duration: 2 days

Date: May 4-5th, 2016

Time: 10 am to 4 pm

Parents Invited to Report Analysis on 5th May at 5 pm.

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Terracotta Jewelry making by Lámour


Creating a piece of adornment is satisfying to the very soul of a woman who’d like to adorn a being with yet another layer of beauty. This craft form unleashes your creativity as there are no limitations to the work you create with the medium of clay.

As Oscar Wilde said ”You can either be a work of art or wear a work of art”. This is for those who believe they can create jewellery that will touch the core or the very essence of being a woman.

The 2 day exhaustive workshop by Lámour will include –

Filtration of clay
* 10 types of beads
* 8 types of pendants
* 8 types of earrings including jhumkas
Home baking – Black and orange

Fees – Rs 3,500/- (inclusive of materials and basic take home kit)
May 7th – 10.30am to 2.30pm
May 8th – 10.30am to 4.30pm
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Brush Lettering workshop


Start with the basics of typography
Introduction to calligraphy and lettering
Different kinds of lettering
Rules of brush lettering
Using the various strokes of the round brush to write/draw letters
Create a simple piece of lettering to take back home.

Fee – Rs 1,000/- per head. Price inclusive of materials.

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Screen Printing workshop by Let’s Ink



Learn the complete process of screen printing & print your own t-shirts, saris, bed linens, gift wraps, coasters,gift bags, envelopes, visiting cards & much more.
A 2 day course, on the 12th & 13th of May, 2016, at Bloom & Grow, Koramangala from 10 am to 4 pm.

The course includes:
Meshing the screen
Making the stencil
Photo emulsion process
DIY exposing box
Multi-screen printing
Multi- colour printing
Seamless printing
Printing on fabric
Printing on paper & much more.
Fee for the course is ₹5,500 which is inclusive of all material & a kit worth ₹2,000 & a lifelong access to 500+ designs for you to get started.
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Saree Tassels and Kuchchu workshop

Saree Kuchchu and Tassels workshop by Sri Poornima

Details are as given below.

Duration: Two days – May 14th and 15th, 2016
Timings – 11am to 5pm
Contents: Will teach 12 designs
Course fees: 3,000/-
Raw materials: Will be provided.

*Participants need to know basics of Crochet

Brush Lettering Practice session


Practice of lettering and strokes
Writing words by joining letters
Basic editing of your lettering work on your phone
Timings: Sunday, 15 at 3 PM – 5 PM
Fee – Rs 500/- per head. Price inclusive of materials.
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Sospeso Workshop by Soul Craft


A 2 day Sospeso workshop by Payal Kedia from Soul Craft

The workshop includes –
– Paper veil technique
– 6 tea coasters
– 1 photo frame
– Sospeso sheets
– Embossing tools(two wooden tools)
– Embossing pad
– Basic essentials like paint,scissors etc

You need to bring is waste cloth and waste cup to hold water.

Fee Rs 3,500/- per head. Take away kit included.

Timings – May 19 at 2 PM to May 20 at 6 PM on both days.

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Mosaic Art Workshop with artist Trishna Patnaik

Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of coloured glass, stone, or other materials. It is a technique of decorative art or interior.Most mosaics are made of small, flat, roughly square, pieces of stone or glass of different colours, known as tesserae; but some, especially floor mosaics, may also be made of small rounded pieces of stone, and called “pebble mosaics”.

The stunning fact in the Mosaic Art Workshop is getting the same mosaic effect with a paint brush! Yes, a paint brush is used as a tool to create a mosaic artwork in 2D. Of course, it is possible under the guidance of the facilitator! Any image can be given a magical twist with the mosaic effect.

Date: 21st May, 2016 (Saturday)
Timings: 10 am to 1 pm
Age Group: All Age Groups are welcome
Fees: Rs 1,200 per participant (inclusive of all art material)
Take Away: Two complete paintings (A4 size each)
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Batik workshop with natural dyes

Learn to do Batik with Natural dyes. The workshop is conducted by Kavya Aradhya from mahila a designer at Mahila.

Batik is an art which originated in Indonesia and the Javanese still produces exquisite wall hangings and other decorative materials. The word batik actually means ‘wax writing’. It is a way of decorating cloth by covering a part of fabric with a coat of wax and then dyeing the cloth. The waxed areas keep the original color of fabric and when the wax is removed the contrast can be seen as design.

Fee – 3,000/-per head

Timings: Saturday, May 21 at 2 PM – 5 PM
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African Art Workshop with artist Trishna Patnaik

African Art has played a significant role in shaping the culture and history of the world. The belief that Africa is the cradle of the history of mankind is virtually Rock Art is centuries old, while shell beads fashioned for a necklace have been recovered in a cave of the southern peninsula of South Africa that are 75,000 years.
The human figure has always been the primary subject matter for most African art; we will be focussing on tall stick ‘dancing’ figures for our painting in the African Art.The figures are dynamic and elongate, and the colours are mostly red, white, grey, and black. Many warm tones ranging from red to yellow are also used. Most of the ‘dancing’ figures are decorated with unusual patterns and festive clothing.

Participants will work with acrylic colours and cartridge sheets in the African Art workshop.

Date: 22nd May, 2016 (Sunday)
Timings: 11:30 am to 3 pm (half an hour break for lunch)
Age Group: All age groups are welcome
Fees: Rs 1,200 per participant (inclusive of all art material)
Take Away: One Book mark (A5 size) and one complete painting (A3 size)

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