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9+ Years


Live Sessions on Zoom


Twice a Week
(8 in a Month)

A Curated module for older kids to explore various mediums in Art before specialising on any medium of their choice.

Why choose B&G?

Course designed by experienced Art teachers and approved by mums for online learning.

 B&G’s experience in teaching Art for over 7 years with experienced teachers of over 15 years.

 Live classes encouraging kids to engage, ask questions and motivate them to improve on their skill.

The live classes happen twice a week for 8 classes a month. Details in the caption above.

The curriculum is designed to cover various concepts and mediums as below –

  1. Sketching techniques like hatching, stippling etc.
  2. Still life drawings from pictures and real life observations
  3. Light and shadows
  4. Landscapes and figures.
  5. Perspective
  6. Different well known artists and their styles and much more.
  7. Mediums – Understanding colour pencils, oil pastels, watercolours, poster colours and their properties.
  8. Different painting techniques of different mediums
  9. Folk art – Indian and outside India 
  10. Basic figure portraits
  11. Composition of artwork
    And much more.

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