The Story of B&G –

When we started in 2013 in Bangalore, there were no places in the city that offered a space ‘to go to’ when an individual wished to learn anything creative or pick up a creative skill. Most spaces would be either people’s homes or an art institute where you would have to enrol for a stipulated period of time. To bridge this gap, we offerred people a curated space that would also be a platform for many self – taught talented artists to come and share their skill and for people to learn in a shorter customised module.

Soon, Pooja and Carol joined hands to take ‘creativity’ into the corporate sector, offering creative workshops as employee engagement options.

B&G now operates in 9 cities with over a 1000 workshops done, taking creativity to corporates as well as individuals.

Our vision is to make ‘creative learning accessible to all’ and ‘nurture skills for life’.