Color Pencil Sketch (12-days Online Course)


Color Pencil Sketch - A 12-Day Online Course • Types of colour pencils • Properties of coloured pencils • Advantages and limitations of color pencil • Understanding the Color chart • Highlight and shadow fundamentals • Colors and tones fundamentals • Blending fundamentals • How to draw and colour fruits • How to draw and […]

Watercolor Painting Online Course – For Beginners (Weekday sessions)


We commence an 8-sessions in-depth watercolor course that will help you to master this unique medium completely. Learn watercolor techniques, understand the medium and pigment behavior, and much more in this course with us. Who would benefit from this course? This course is an introduction to watercolor painting practice for those who are new to […]

Resin Art – Beginners’ Offline Workshop in BANGALORE

Resin is a two-part compound that hardens to give a clear and glossy finish. You can either add paints to the resin and then create a painting. Alternatively, you can paint first and then pour the resin over the painting to create the finish. What all will be included in the workshop? Things to know […]