Batik Workshop in Bangalore

Batik Workshop in Bangalore


Batik Workshop for Beginners in Bangalore with expert facilitators Usha Shivashankar and Rani Peter.

Batik is wax-resist dyeing, applied on whole cloth.

This workshop includes –

  1. Steps involved – Tracing, Waxing, Dyeing, and Dewaxing.
  2. The method used for waxing – Applying hot wax using a brush or a tjanting tool.
  3. Dyeing – Using a dye bath.
  4. Dewaxing – This method involves, using hot water and then ironing.

All the materials required for the workshop will be provided.
(Source of materials will be provided)

About the artists –
  • Mrs. Usha Shivashankar – She is a biochemist by qualification and a teacher by profession, hailing from Ooty. She has been practicing art in different forms with many years of learning and hard work.
  • Rani Peter – Founder of Christine Home Crafts has been an artist for over 22 years and has a versatile hand for painting on Canvas, Fabric, Glass and other mediums. She also teaches crafts like various types of murals, sculptures, box making and more.

Takeaway from the workshop – 

After the workshop, participants will take back a single piece-dyed wall hanging 22″ * 22″ and a dyed practice geometrical design 12″ * 12″.

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