candle making
Candles were made by the Romans beginning about 500 BC. The earliest written information about candle making tells us that they were made of animal fat, it were the Romans who refined the art of candle making using beeswax. Today the very same candle making industry has grown leaps and bounds. Be a part of the growth and learn the tricks of candle making at home.

Candle making making classes in Bangalore Right in Koramangala at Bloom and Grow

Attend the candle making at home for beginners classes right in your backyard Koramangala at bloom and Grow. These classes are designed to help you learn candle making at home, not just to satisfy your requirements but also to be able to sell your creativity. These classes are aimed at teaching you more about:

Candle making making materials

  • the ingredients – the wax, wicks, heaters
  • the additives and preservatives – for colours, scents and looks
  • using moulds and drying them

Candle making making step by step

  • you will learn each step hands-on how to make soap
  • the handouts will aid you remember the step-by-step instructions when you make soap at home
  • how to package and market your products

Takeaways from the class

  • how to make candle at home for business,
  • home candle making kit, pillar candle making kit
  • how to make a wick for a candle at home,
  • how to make a scented candle at home,
  • how to make perfume candle at home,
  • how to make candle wax at home

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