Candle making classes in Bangalore

Candle making classes in bngalore



A house is not a home without a candle on the go. Candles at your home brings you good ambience and comfort. Its the product which provides you good fragrance, calm light and help you relax. Take in the learning of candle making and also use it as gifts for your friends and family for any occasion.

Want to learn to make your own candles?

Attend a 3-hour workshop and learn 4 different types of candles. You will learn how to create attractive and elegant candles using gel and paraffin. Learn how to properly embed the wick, carve beautiful candles and incorporate perfumes, scents, essential oils and colour into your candle designs .These classes are designed to help you learn candle at home, not just to satisfy your requirements but also to be able to sell your creativity.

Learn the art of Candle making with four unique kinds of candles:

  •  Romantic Rose Ball Candle: The Rose Ball Candle comes in a spherical shape with small beautiful roses inscribed all across the outer spherical shape. We create this candle using many lovely colors like pink, red, cream, etc.
  •  Sunflower Floating Candles: Slow-burning floating candles have cotton wicks. The floating candles are made of the highest quality paraffin wax.
  •  Gel Candles: Gel candles present Stylish & Designed Decorative Candles, Decorative Candles can be Used at Any occasion Festival, Birthday, Wedding, Ceremonies, Casual etc. These candles also make cherished gifts for all occasions.
  •  Frosted Cupcake candles: Cupcake Candle is painstakingly handcrafted and intensely scented with a crazy delicious, unbelievably realistic vanilla cupcake scent.

Candle Making – Materials Provided

  • Wax
  • Fragrance
  • Dye
  • Container
  • Wick

(Source of materials will be mentioned)

Takeaways from the workshop

  • Four different types of candles with unique design, colors and scents that you made yourself


Few pictures of the session can be found here –

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