Crochet and knitting workshop

Crochet and Knitting workshop

Bloom & Grow brings to you a 3-day workshop to introduce you to an amazing world of crochet. Crochet is an addictive form of art. There are immense possibilities to create many things through crochet.

What would be covered in the 3-day workshop?

1.Introduction to crochet and tools used for crochet
2.Different type of crochet stitches
3.Techniques for Increasing and Decreasing the stitches
4.Different techniques to attach crochet pieces
5.Crochet Chart/Pattern Reading
6. Basic projects which will include the practice of all the stitches and pattern describe.

The Crochet project will include:

1. Headband/Choker – The objective of doing this project is to have a good practice and command over the basics of single and double crochet, Holding the yarn, needle, etc

2. Ear Rings – This project will introduce the technique of attaching two different color yarns in the same project and will also teach you how to increase or decrease the stitches

3. Granny squares – These will help participants to read the Crochet chart/ Pattern

These classes are designed to help you learn how to read patterns, count stitches and most importantly how to hold the hooks or needles. This workshop will also cover tips to make it into a baby blanket, a jacket, a cushion cover, earing, a cozy muffler and many more at home.

Crochet and Knitting- Materials Provided

  • Different yarn types
  • Size guides
  • Hook and Needle understanding
  • Tensions and gauge of the stitches
  • Reading patterns

(Source of materials will be mentioned)

Takeaways from the Workshop

  • Introduction to crochet and tools used
  • Knowledge about the availability of different threads and yarns
  • Different type of crochet stitches
  • Weaving in threads of the project
  • Learn single, double and triple knitting.

Find a few pictures of the workshop here.

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