Natural dyeing and Block printing

Natural dyeing and Block printing


Introduction to Natural Dyeing and Block Printing – Beginner Workshop

It was the mid 19th century when the first chemical color got created. Before this human was only used to the colors that they extracted from nature with their own hands. They used the same to create art, to beautify oneself, to color their clothes, etc. They used colored earth, minerals, plant extracts to create complex yet beautiful processes to express themselves through the art of different forms. These art forms were passed on to the next generations.

At the workshop, you will be introduced to the locally available ingredients that can be used for dyeing at the workshop. We will be making samples using two ingredients Manjista and Katachu. The lovely brown from Katachu and red from Majista are colors you’d be making from nature-derived ingredients. Perfect workshop with the environment day around.

The workshop will introduce you to these natural colors and you will explore the basics of hand block printing, dyeing using natural materials available around you. It is going to be a fun informative session. Come ready to get your hands dirty. It will cover the following –

  • Understanding natural dyes and its properties, block printing practices in India.
  • Identifying locally available materials
  • Preparing the fabric for dyeing/ mordanting.
  • Practice dyeing using two local materials.
  • How to extract colors and how to use them as a dye and as a colour paste for block printing.
  • Techniques of block printing, practice printing using wooden blocks.
  • Printing on the tablecloth to take home.
  • Post-treatment of fabric.

Take away –

  • Take home a ready kit to get started immediately.
  • You will take home a basic material kit, your printed table cloth, and dyed fabric samples

Artist Prajna Rajanna of Motifs of The Earth

Find a few pictures of the Workshop here.

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