natural soap making

Do you know what sodium tallowate, sodium cocoate, Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate and sodium palmate are?

These are the key ingredients used in soap making added with fragrance and color to make it more appealing. However, what do you really need to make soap? Simple Lye, water, color and scent. That is it!!! Just four things… So pull out your pans, tie that apron on, and make Natural Soap

Natural soap making classes in Bangalore Right in Koramangala at Bloom and Grow

Attend the Natural soap making classes right in your backyard Koramangala at bloom and Grow. These classes are designed to help you learn soap making at home, not just to satisfy your requirements but also to be able to sell your creativity. These classes are aimed at teaching you more about:

Natural soap making materials

  • the ingredients – the quantity and most important of all the quality
  • the additives and preservatives – natural of course
  • using moulds and drying them

Natural soap making step by step

  • you will learn each step hands-on how to make soap
  • the handouts will aid you remember the step-by-step instructions when you make soap at home
  • how to package and market your products

Takeaways from the class

  • Hand made natural soaps that you make yourself
  • how to make olive oil soap, shea butter soap, coconut soap,
  • soap making kits

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