Learn the beautiful art of sketching pictures and exploring yourself in the creative world.

Course Contents are below:

Learn sketching and pencil shading online with us. We organize both Weekday classes and Weekend Classes for Beginners.
The course will introduce participants to the fundamentals of sketching and different types of shading.

Course Content:

Basic types of strokes like:
i) Hatching
ii) Stippling
iv) Shading
v) Scrumbling

The classes will focus on:

A) Learning line fundamentals:
i) Basics of line drawing
ii) Drawing daily objects with contour lines
iii) Learning about cross contour lines and how to use them

B) Learning shape and form fundamentals:
i) Basics of geometric and organic shapes
ii) Drawing a landscape with geometric shapes
iii) Drawing a character with geometric shapes
iv) Learn the basics of geometric 3D form
v) Learn how light and shadow work on 3D forms
vi) Advanced form/highlight and shadow
vii) Finding geometric forms in the human face
viii) Creating a landscape out of geometric forms

C) Learning values and contrast:
i) The value scale and how it works
ii) Drawing still life value drawings
iii) Creating amazing artwork with value contrast
iv)How to choose your values

D) Drawing the human face:
i) Drawing a profile view of the face
ii) Learn how to draw different eyes
iii) Learn how to draw the nose
iv) Learn how to draw the lips
v) Learn how to draw the ear
vi) Learn how to draw hair

E) Learning how to enlarge using grids

Materials Required:

1. Art book (Cartridge Paper) – 150 GSM or higher (A3 size preferred)
2. Long tip sharpener
3. Drawing Pencils, ruler & eraser

Age: Children above 10 years and adults
Date: Classes will start on Saturday, 21st November and end on Sunday, 27th December
Days: Saturdays and Sundays
Time: 12pm -1pm
Fee: Rs 3000 per person (12 classes) (Inclusive of GST and convenience charges)
Venue: Online classes on Zoom

Free Trial Class coming up on 15th November (Sunday) at 5:30 pm, dm us to get joining link for free session on WhatsApp group link- https://chat.whatsapp.com/HSaoCDNtvd8FxRV8rZckhi 

Please ask for the trial class video so you can assess your interest before you join in for the session. You can ping us on 9900052747.

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