Resin Art on Tray

Come and experience a unique learning experience of painting with clear resin. You will be using Art Resin which is a high-gloss epoxy resin clear coat that creates a gorgeous, durable finish.

1. How to work with different kind of substrates
2. Prerequisite setup for doing resin art
3. different techniques to blend pigments
4. Use of gold silver and Cooper pigments

Take Away: A set of Tray and 4 Coasters.

Resin Clock Artwork

The resin will be provided along with an abundance of colors and effects to create a piece of art you’ll be proud to hang on your wall. Your piece will be your experience, choose your favorite colors and watch your creativity open and express yourself.

In this workshop, you will learn –
1.Unique pattern techniques
2.How to mix pigments and other materials into the resin
3. To make an exciting and unique artwork

Take Away: A clock of 10 inches made at the workshop

Geode Resin Art

Geode is a geological formation consisting of volcanic rocks, minerals, sediments, crystals, etc. Starting from basics of resin, it’s a perfect mix, how to blend with acrylics and pigments to using crystals to create a perfect geode !!

Learning –

  1. Learn all that you need to create a basic Resin Crystal piece.
  2. Enhance your skill of artwork to Resin Geode perfection.

Take Away: A Resin Geode Artwork made by you.

Faux Marble Effect

This is a fun hands-on workshop to explore a unique specialty finish – faux marble effect. Using this technique mimics the look of marble on dull & boring objects such as boxes, trays, tabletops, walls & more.

Learning –

  1. Prepare the base coat with 3-4 colors.
  2. Use specialty marble effect paints.
  3. Add details with color splatters.
  4. Resin basics for a super glossy glass-like finish.

Take Away: A Masterpiece created by you.

Since resin takes 24 hours to settle, you need to pick up the next day or anytime later when convenient.

These are beginners’ friendly workshops.

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