Shibori – The Art of Japanese Tie and Dye Workshop in Bangalore 


Shibori workshop

Shibori Art workshop

Shibori – The Art of Japanese Tie and Dye (Textile Crafts)

Shibori is a traditional Japanese fabric dyeing technique that produces patterns on textiles. The patterns produced are all hand-crafted. Enjoy the art of doing it yourself at the Shibori Workshop.

The intent of this workshop is not only to introduce people to the inventive Japanese textile art of shibori but also to go handmade.

The participants will explore many traditional techniques of Shibori including Kanuko/ Itajime/ Kumo/ Arashi, in a hands-on method.

The artist-trainer will provide step-by-step guidance so that each of you is a proud owner of beautifully handcrafted patterns on fabric. We will use tea leaves and onion peels to make 4 swatches and participants can also bring along a light coloured cotton t-shirt to be dyed.

In a consumerist culture that we are in currently, it would be nice for people to question their consumption behaviour. To sow seeds about slow consumption, slow textiles and slow fashion.

We are conscious of the material that goes into our workshop. Our organic cotton fabric is locally sourced and we use natural colours.

Takeaways from the Workshop –

Participants get to take away 4 fabric swatches done with the technique.

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