Woodcut Printmaking Workshop 


Woodcut printmaking workshop

Woodcut printmaking workshop

Woodcut is among the oldest printmaking techniques and continues to be a strong graphic tradition today. This workshop will introduce you to the tools and methods needed to allow you to carve your own block and print from your own relief woodblocks. You will explore carving techniques to obtain a range of texture, depth, and dramatic contrast to create strong visual statements in your artwork. We will also study examples from history expression

In this workshop, You will learn –

  • To carve woodblocks safely using different techniques of mark-making
  • To print your woodblocks by hand (minimum 3)
  • Gain a brief understanding of the history of the development of the woodcut
Artist – Anjali Goel

A Delhi based artist. Her artistic practice involves, painting printmaking, installations and artists’ books. She completed her Master’s program in Print Making from Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda in 2010 and Bachelor’s program in painting from Kurukshetra University, 2008. She is a recipient of the Government of India (HRD) Scholarship in 2011. She has participated in All India Women artist camp at IGNCA New Delhi in 2013, VadFest 2015, VAMA at IGNCA Delhi, 4th All India Digital Art exhibition 2014 and 10th Premio Acqui International Biennial, Italy.

Materials provided in the workshop –

  • Newsprint for drawing and proofing
  • Wood, Drawing materials: pencils, Sharpie markers, Erasers
  • Cutting tools, chisels (only for use)
  • All printing material

(Source of materials will be mentioned)

Takeaways from the workshop

Printed woodblocks created by you at the workshop

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