Tie and Dye with Urban Ladder

Tie and Dye with Urban Ladder

Learn how to

Tie and Dye with Urban Ladder

Come over to the Urban Ladder store on the 26th of May to learn how to tie-and-dye your clothes. An old, old craft form, tie-and-dye has been practiced for at least 2000 years. We’ve all seen (and probably owned) the ubiquitous bandhani and leheriya prints, India’s contribution to the tie-and-dye craft. And recent years have seen tie-and-dye surge to popularity in upcycling circles. That’s all fine, but why attend this workshop, you ask? For starters, you can make your very own bandhani dupatta – not a skill not many can boast of. And with World Environment Day around the corner, you can do your mite by upcycling your old clothes.

At this workshop, facilitators from Bloom & Grow will guide you to apply the ancient resist techniques of tie-and-dye, using everyday waste like onion peels. You will pleat, pluck, and twist fabrics to create unique patterns. We’d like you to explore upcycling old clothes, so please bring along an old t-shirt to give an exciting makeover. Besides your repurposed t-shirt, you’ll also be taking home three other fabric swatches you’ll have worked on.

Here’s hoping that this workshop inspires you to experiment with dresses, bed linen, cushion covers…really, on any fabric in your house! And don’t forget to keep a wide grin ready, for the next time you get noticed for your funky t-shirts 🙂

Date: May 26, 2018

Time: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Fee – Rs 500/- per head

Venue: The Urban Ladder Store, Domlur

Children in the age group of 4 – 7 years can be accompanied by a parent.

Block Printing Workshop for Kids in Bangalore

Block Printing Workshop for Kids in Bangalore

Block Printing Workshop for Kids – Summer Activities for kids

Block printing is an interesting craft for children where they experience the ‘joy of creating’ with wooden blocks. The 2-hour workshop will cover the following though not in order!

1. Teaching the technique of block printing
2. Making kids practice on paper till they are confident
3. Use of lead-free acrylic colors and getting the children acquainted with the colors
4. Process involved in making the colour ready

Take away product:
Kids will get to take away either a pencil pouch or a lunch bag. Designed and block printed by the young artists!
Kids also get to make some greeting cards using the beautiful art of block printing

We would be using exclusive kid-friendly blocks which have been designed keeping the young mind interests – Dinosaur den, insect insight, Jungle world, Christmas, whroom vehicles, sea scenery, farm fun etc)

Once they know the basic technique they can use it for any kind of artwork in future.

Date – Saturday, 19th May
Time – 11am -1pm
Fees – Rs 550 per child (includes all material costs + taxes)
Parents are allowed to accompany the child in the session
Age – 3 to 11 years
Artist – Bishakha (Rags to Quilts)

About Bloom and Grow:

Bloom & Grow facilitates artist-led art & craft workshops in studios and also, conducts art based corporate workshops across India.

Perler beads workshop by hobby in a box

Perler beads workshop by hobby in a box


What are Perler Beads: Perler beads are wonderful craft supplies for kids of all ages. The plastic beads come in many colors and are arranged on plastic pegboards to form pictures or patterns. You can then place ironing paper over the beads and fuse them with iron to form solid objects.

Why Preler beads?:
Perler beads are great for adults and kids alike
– Help children develop hand-eye coordination skills and learn color names and basic counting.
-Are used for hand therapy and re-developing fine motor skills.
are a learning tool. Kids use math skills for sorting, patterning and counting.
-Encourage kids to share their design ideas and open up.
help children develop visual abilities and imagination.

Who can participate: Kids (6yrs+) and one parent/adult can accompany the kid.

What will we do: In this workshop, we’ll work with perler beads for make following things which you’ll be taking home:
1) Keychain
2) Refrigrator magnet
3) Zipper Accessory

Materials Provided:
Perler Beads
Peg Boards in various shapes
Wax Paper

All the required material will be provided in the workshop. You’ve to bring nothing.
(To know more about us, like our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/hobbyinabox )

Workshop charges: INR1,000/Kid (price includes one adult accompanying the kid)

For tickets, please visit:
1) Hobby in a Box website: http://www.hobbyinabox.in/perler
2) EventsHigh: