April Summer Camp – Robotics with LEGO

April Summer Camp – Robotics with LEGO

At our LEGO WeDo workshops, children (6-12 years) will develop their 21st-century skills like problem-solving, collaboration, creativity and communication.
LEGO® WeDo Construction Kit is a simple robotics tool that allows children to design interactive machines and then program them.
In community build, children join together to build theme based projects & large Lego models.

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5 sessions April 2 – 6 (Monday – Friday)

Starts April 2

@ Bloom and Grow
6th Cross, 17th D main road, 6th cross, Koramangala

Monday – Fridays: 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Children take back home a great experience and have a lot of fun.

LEGO models are not part of the takeaway.


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Robotics with Lego WeDo – Summer Camp

Robotics with Lego WeDo – Summer Camp


LEGO WeDo Construction Kit is a simple robotics tool allows children to design their own interactive machines and then program them using drag-and-drop software. These projects help children to lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

Why LEGO WeDo?

Enables students to work as young scientists, engineers, mathematicians and creative writers providing them with the settings, tools and tasks for completing cross curricular projects.

What to do?

Children build and program a working model and then use the model for different purposes, depending upon the theme of the activity and its focused subject matter in science, technology, mathematics or language

How it helps?

A playful learning approach
Think creatively to make a working model
Develop vocabulary and communication skills to explain how the model works
Establish links between cause and effect
Reflect on how to find answers and imagine new possibilities
Make systematic observations and measurements
Follow 2D drawings to build a 3D model
Think logically and create a program to produce a specific behaviour
Write and present creative stories using models for visual and dramatic effects


No previous experience required.

Projects covered:
⎫ Cheerful fans
⎫ Airplane rescue
⎫ Hungry Alligator
⎫ Goal kicker

Techniques covered:
Using motor, axles, tilt sensor, gears, motion sensor, lever, pulleys and writing algorithms / programming.

The group will be limited to a maximum of 12 nos. so children students get personal attention from the facilitator. The facilitators are officilaly trained by LEGO to facilitate the LegoWeDo sessions.

Take home:
A lot of FUN! Children will develop their 21st-century skills like problem solving, collaboration and communication.

Age group:
7 – 12 years

Rs. 5,000.00
Early bird offer – Rs 4,500/- Group of 3 offer – Rs 12,000/-

April 17,  April 18, April 19, April 20 and April 21- 2017

2.00 pm – 5.00 pm

Register – https://bloomandgrow.in/event/robotics-with-lego-wedo/