Glass Bottle Cutting & Lamp Making Workshop

Glass Bottle Cutting & Lamp Making Workshop

Glass Bottle cutting & Lamp Making workshop in Bangalore for Beginners

Cutting glass bottles is fun, easy and good for the environment. We will Upcycle/Recycle glass bottles into a beautiful electric lamp that can accessorise your home.

In the workshop, participants will learn to do scoring of bottles and cut the glass bottle eventually. We will learn to smooth the edges. Finally, participants will make lamps from the cut glass bottle.

Day & Date: Sat, 17 Feb
Time: 2.30pm – 6.30pm
Venue: Bloom & Grow
Fees: Rs 950 per participant (Please bring 2-3 round glass bottles with you) + taxes

About Bloom and Grow:

Bloom & Grow facilitates artist-led art & craft workshops in studios and also, conducts art based corporate workshops across India.

Bottle Cutting workshop

Bottle Cutting workshop

Bottle Cutting Workshop by Hobby in a Box

Event Details:

What will we do: Upcycling/Recycling glass bottles, i.e., we will turn old neglected glass bottles into beautiful lamps that can adorn your home.
In this workshop, you will learn the art of bottle cutting and electrical how-to. Cutting a glass bottle is equally easy and difficult task. In order to achieve a perfectly smooth cut, we’ll first score the bottle and then stress it. Second, you’ll decorate your cut bottles with our special decoration material. Finally, you will complete your lamp using the electrical fixtures.

What to bring: Your creative bent of mind. And of course a glass bottle (such as a wine bottle). We prefer that you bring 3-5 round bottles to cut because, as with any craft, the art of bottle cutting can be mastered with practice.
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Workshop Charges: Rs 2,000 per person

For more details, Contact Rekha@7892899048

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