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Brush Lettering Summer Camp Workshop – Four Days Online Workshop

April 20 @ 5:00 pm - April 28 @ 6:00 pm

Here is your entry into the amazing world of Brush Lettering. Brush Lettering is a form of Modern Calligraphy which makes use of Brush strokes to form letters. The art is about creating letters, strokes, and projects with brush pens or brush tip tools. Brush Lettering is a versatile and elegant form of hand lettering and is great for making posters, bookmarks, etc. Distributed comfortably over four days, this is a beginner-friendly session to help you create art, using letters and words.

Day 1: Getting Familiar with Tools and Basic Strokes

Objective: Understand your tools and practice fundamental brush strokes.

  • Get to Know Your Tools: Experiment with holding the brush pen at different angles. Notice how pressure affects the thickness of lines.
  • Basic Strokes Practice: Practice upstrokes (light pressure, thin line) and downstrokes (heavy pressure, thick line). Work on consistency.
  • Drills: Create lines, waves, and simple shapes to get comfortable with the transition between thick and thin lines.

Day 2: Forming Letters

Objective: Learn to form letters using brush strokes.

    • Lowercase Letters: Start with easier letters that have similar shapes (i.e., u, i, t, l) using your basic strokes. Focus on maintaining consistent pressure for each part of the letter.
    • Uppercase Letters: Choose a few simple uppercase letters to practice. Pay attention to the proportion and spacing.

Day 3: Connecting Letters and Words

Objective: Begin connecting letters and forming words.

  • Activities:
    • Connecting Letters: Practice connecting simple letter pairs, focusing on maintaining fluid transitions and consistent spacing.
    • Forming Words: Choose short words to write. Sketch the word with a pencil to plan spacing and connections, then trace with your brush pen.

Day 4: Project Day

Objective: Complete a small project using brush lettering.

  • Project Ideas:
    • Bookmark: Create a bookmark featuring a favorite quote or word. Sketch out your design lightly before going over it with your brush pen.
    • Greeting Card: Design a greeting card. Consider adding simple decorative elements like flourishes or borders.

Materials needed:
Dom Brush Pens / Camlin Brush Pens / Short tip pens (These are all recommended for beginners)
– In case brush pens are unavailable, you may use Watercolors (cakes/ tubes) and Paint brushes (1 small round, number 2 or 3) + 1 large(optional)
– Print paper A4 size/ Ruled Paper/ Watercolor paper or thick card sheet (170gsm and above in case you are using watercolors)
– Basic stationery (Pencil, Ruler, Eraser)

Recommended age: Adults and children above 10 years

Day: Sat & Sun
Time: Batch 1: 11am-12pm IST
Batch 2: 5.00pm -6.00pm IST
Fee: Rs 1800 per person (For 4 days)
Venue: Online session on zoom

About Bloom and Grow:

Bloom & Grow facilitates artist-led virtual and offline workshops for individuals and for corporates across the world.

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