Madhubani Painting Masterclass – Two day online workshop

Madhubani Painting Masterclass – Two day online workshop

Madhubani Painting Masterclass – Two day online workshop

Learn Madhubani paintings in the traditional authentic form with Master artist, Vidushini Prasad in a 2-day online class.

About Madhubani: Madhubani Painting originated from Madhubani district of Mithila region of Bihar. The paintings are drawn in accordance with a fixed theme and accordingly, symbols, lines, patterns are drawn. These paintings mostly depict nature and religious motifs and the themes generally depict deities, nature, fishes, peacock etc. Natural objects like the sun, the moon, and the religious plants like tulsi are also widely painted. The paintings can be done on handmade paper, canvas, dupattas, stoles etc.

About the workshop: Get introduced to the Madhubani art form and learn various styles of this folk art- Bharani and Kachani styles.  Learn about its story, grammar, colors, motifs, and special characteristics. We will be learning Madhubani patterns and then make an art form in the workshop. Madhubani paintings are preferably made on handmade paper. However, you may use a thick drawing sheet for this workshop. Keep acrylic colors and brushes handy and you are good to start your journey with Madhubani. You will be given design options to choose from.

Materials needed –
Acrylic colours
Paint brushes no 2 & 3
Thick paper
Pencil, Eraser, Ruler
Carbon paper
Palette, Cloth & Water Container.
Any Black Pen ( Waterproof)

About the Trainer:

Vidushini Prasad is a Bengaluru-based Madhubani (Mithila) artist whose roots are in Bihar, the state where Madhubani paintings originated. She has been teaching the art for several years and is an empaneled artist of Ministry of Textile, Govt. of India.
Vidushini’s work has been exhibited at several Art Galleries including Renaissance Art Gallery (Bangalore), David Hall Art Gallery, Fort Kochi, Eka Lifestyle, Bangalore, Genesis Art Gallerie.
Some of Vidushini’s exclusive work are also available on Novica, a National Geographic partner site, which connects Artisans to a global marketplace of socially conscious customers. Print version of some of her work in form of various products are also available on FineArtAmerica, a platform that has revolutionized the way that artwork is bought and sold around the world.

Vidushini Prasad has authored a book on Madhubani Art which is a ready reference of art forms and how they are done, sold, exported and marketed abroad. Her painting ‘A Celebration of Life’ was chosen as the theme image for the Lok Sangeet Sammelan, organised by India Habitat Center in August 2015

Date: 4th and 5th July, 2020
Day: Saturday and Sunday
Time: 3 pm to 5 pm (IST)
Fee: Rs 1300 per person (Inclusive of GST and convenience charges)
Venue: Online session on zoom

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About Bloom and Grow:

Bloom & Grow facilitates artist-led art & craft workshops in studios and also, conducts art based corporate workshops across India.

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Madhubani – Traditional Art Workshop for Beginners in Bangalore

Madhubani – Traditional Art Workshop for Beginners in Bangalore

Madhubani Art – Beginner weekend workshop in Bangalore

Madhubani, a form of Indian folk art, originated from the Madhubani district in the Mithila region of Bihar. For centuries, the women of Mithila have practiced this art by decorating the walls of their houses with linear and vibrant designs depicting mythological deities and nature. These days Madhubani designs are seen on handmade paper, canvas, and fabric.
In this workshop, the participants will learn about the different styles of Madhubani paintings and create one of their own.

It will be a guided session, so you need not have any prior experience in painting.

All materials will be provided in the workshop.

Artist: Deepa Singh

Take away: One Madhubani painting on A4 handmade paper.

Age: 15 years & above

Date: 21st March, 2020

Day:  Saturday

Timing: 10:30 am to 3:30 pm

Fee: Rs 2000 per person (Includes all materials)

Booking Fee: Rs 500 per person (Balance of Rs 1500 need to be paid at the venue)

Venue: Bloom and Grow, Koramangala

About Bloom and Grow:

 Bloom & Grow facilitates artist-led art & craft workshops in studios and also, conducts art based corporate workshops across India.
Rajasthan Phad Painting on Tray – Beginner workshop in Bangalore

Rajasthan Phad Painting on Tray – Beginner workshop in Bangalore

Rajasthan Phad Painting on Tray – Beginner workshop in Bangalore

Phad Paintings or Phad is a traditional folk art practiced in the state of Rajasthan, India. While the origin of this art dates to over 700 years back, the style was revolutionized about 40 years ago by Shree Lal Joshi. Phad painting is traditionally done on a long piece of cloth or canvas known as Phad.

In this 4 hour workshop, participants would be making a Phad Painting on 10 inches by 14 inches tray.

All materials will be provided at the Venue.

Day & Date – Saturday, 2nd February 2019
Time: 2pm -6pm
Fee: Rs 2,000 (Booking fee of Rs 500; balance of Rs 1500 to be paid at the venue)
Venue: Bloom & Grow, Koramangala

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