Craft Retreat – Learn Crafting techniques With Jasmine Siddiqui

Craft Retreat – Learn Crafting techniques With Jasmine Siddiqui

Two-day Craft retreat – Learn eight fundamental crafting techniques

Here is the perfect chance for beginners to tap on different craft forms. A workshop which gives you a hands-on experience on various aspects of crafts.
This is the ideal workshop for craft teachers who wish to conduct summer camps for kids. And certainly a must do for beginners who have just entered the craft world. Also can be done by hobby enthusiasts.

So lets understand what you gain from this workshop:-

Day 1 (Saturday, 25th May)

1.Soap Making-Melt & Pour technique will be covered. Learn about different soap bases, essential oils, moulds and colours. Participants carry back two soaps made by them.

2.Image transfer – The art of transferring paper print on any surface. Here you learn to transfer using normal print outs. Once you undergo this training , you can use the same technique on any other surface like metal, mdf, glass, leather, fabric, plastic, etc. You carry back two image transferred pebbles.

3.Mixed Media Abstract Art- Enter the world of ink sprays, gesso & texture paste. Learn to do stenciling and stamping. Carry back a colourful fabric pouch with your newly learnt techniques.

4.Distress inks & oxides- A whole lot of new Supplies to gather some information about. Distress inks, distress oxides, archivals, clear stamps, etc. Learn the art of distressing on Iris paper using inks n oxides. Carry back your practice tags and a gorgeously colourful bookmark.

Day 2 (Sunday, 26th May)

5. Decoupage using laser prints- Who says Decoupage is done only using tissues!! You can use your basic printouts too… Learn how to Decoupage a penstand using laser prints.Also, learn to seal it.Carry back this beautiful art work to adorn your desk.

6. Decoupage on leather-Travelling is fun right!! What better to travel with something that’s purely done by you.Learn to Decoupage on leather using tissues. Carry back a passport sleeve & Luggage tag. Next time travel in style.

7. Foamiran flower Making -Why buy when u can make one. Learn to make foam flowers using the original foamiran sheets. Learn the basic technique of twisting n turning these sheets into pretty flowers. Carry back an mdf tag embellished with a foamiran flower created by you.

8.Distressing on wood – Learn distressing and add distinguished texture and rustic appeal to a plain tray. One can use this technique to give a different look to the existing furniture or perhaps to any leftover wood.Carry back a distressed wood tray 8 by 8″ to adorn your dining table.

Join this workshop and learn all eight different fundamental techniques of crafts in only one workshop and make this summer more creative and interesting.

Artist- Jasmine Siddiqui

All material will be provided at the venue

Take away-  All the finished products made by you

Day- Saturday & Sunday
Date- 25th & 26th May 2019
Time-2.30 pm- 7 pm(for both days)
Fee- Rs 4500 for both days (inclusive of all materials and printed notes)

Rs 2700 for any one day (inclusive of all materials and printed notes)

Booking Fee- Rs 500 per person (Balance amount Rs 4000 need to be paid at the venue)

Venue- Bloom and Grow, Koramangala

About Bloom and Grow:

Bloom & Grow facilitates artist-led art & craft workshops in studios and also, conducts art based corporate workshops across India.

Soft Pastel workshop in Bangalore – Beginner Workshop

Soft Pastel workshop in Bangalore – Beginner Workshop

Soft Pastel workshop – Beginner workshop in Bangalore

Pastels are fun, and versatile! Pastel drawings and paintings glow with an intensely luminous color and rich texture.

Soft pastels are easily blendable, and can be blended with fingers, a blending stump, or a cloth. Unlike the process of painting, the colors are mixed directly on the paper and the colors that are produced, are wonderfuly intense.

With a lot of notable artists making soft pastels as their primary medium, considering that they are fun to use, just like a chalk!

So come explore the brilliant colors and just dive right in without needing paintbrushes, solvents or a palette.

About the artist
Born and brought up in Bangalore, Aliya has been passionate about art, since she was a kid. She has conducted various art exhibitions and workshops.

Colors have always made her happy, that took her to Chitrakala parishad where she has done courses on various art techniques and that’s where she stumbled upon the beauty of soft pastels and the vibrancy of this medium of art.

To know more about the various mediums that Aliya deal with, the link mentioned above as co-host will give you more details on the same.

Day & Date – Saturday, 31st March
Time – 2.30pm -5.30pm
Fee – Rs 1500 (inclusive of all taxes and material costs)

This is also a good intorduction on soft pastels for the children in the summers. Any child above 8 years can be a part of this workshop

About Bloom and Grow:

Bloom & Grow facilitates artist-led art & craft workshops in studios and also, conducts art based corporate workshops across India.

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