Shibori – The Art of Japanese Tie and Dye (Textile Crafts)

Shibori – The Art of Japanese Tie and Dye (Textile Crafts)

Shibori – The Art of Japanese Tie and Dye (Textile Crafts)

Shibori is a traditional Japanese fabric dyeing technique that produces patterns on textiles. The patterns produced are all hand-crafted.

Enjoy the art of doing it yourself at the Shibori Workshop.
The intent of this workshop is not only to introduce people to the inventive Japanese textile art of shibori, but also to go handmade.

The participants will explore many traditional techniques of Shibori including Kanuko/ Itajime/ Kumo/ Arashi, in a hands on method.

The artist-trainer will provide step-by-step guidance so that each of you is a proud owner of beautiful handcrafted patters on fabric.

In a consumerist culture that we are in currently, it would be nice for people to question their consumption behaviour. To sow seeds about slow consumption, slow textiles and slow fashion.

We are conscious of the material that goes into our workshop.
Our organic cotton fabric is locally sourced and we use Azo free chemical colours.

Participants get to take away 4 fabric swatches done with the technique

Day & Date: Sunday, 17th February
Time: 2.30pm -6.00pm
Fee: Rs 1500 (includes all material) – Booking fee of Rs 500

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Natural dyeing with Block printing

Natural dyeing with Block printing

Nature is full of colours, colours so beautiful and captivating that men from early times have tried to capture its ephemeral beauty to decorate themselves and their homes as colour seem to speak the very language of the soul.

Art of traditional block printing on to cotton cloth is thought to have existed in India for over 4500 years. Evidence of the Indian craftsman’s unsurpassed skill with printed and dyed cotton cloth appears through out the history. They used complex techniques to achieve desired patterns, and they changed from place to place depending on the weather conditions and materials available. Each pattern, motif meant something and spoke of their identity.

The five hour workshop will introduce you to the basics of hand block printing and dyeing using natural materials available around you.It will cover the following :
– Understanding natural dyes and its properties
– Understanding block printing practices in India
– Identifying locally available materials
– Preparing the fabric for dyeing and mordanting
– Practice dyeing using two local materials
– How to extract colours and how to use them as dye and colour paste
– Techniques of block printing, practice printing and printing on scarf to take home
– Post treatment of fabric

You will be introduced to the locally available ingredients that can be used for dyeing at the workshop. We will be making samples using two ingredients Manjista and Katachu. Also you will get to carry Annato seeds and Palash flowers to try at home

You will take home printed scarf and dyed fabric samples along with a ready to start beginner kit.

Fee – Rs 3,000/- including all materials.
Lunch break of half an hour. Pls carry lunch or you can walk over for a bite from the many restaurants closeby.

Artist: Prajna Rajanna of MOTIFS OF THE EARTH

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