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Summer Camp – Online Art and Craft Classes

April 3 @ 11:00 am - April 14 @ 1:00 pm

The Summer camp is all about inspiring creativity in kids and adults of different ages. Arth by Kshama brings to you activities that will not only keep you entertained and engaged but also instill a zeal to DIY and upcycle things that are around them.

Week I:

Day 1: Monday, 3rd April

Coffee Painting: Learn the nuances of the monochromatic art as you create your color palette with coffee. Coffee paintings involve working with only one color, but its potential for art is limitless. Participants will be able to use coffee as a resourceful medium to be able to create texture, shadows, gradients and depth.

Materials required – Thick Paper 150 GSM or more, Brushes (One flat, one round 5/6 number), instant coffee, palette/plate, water, etc

Day 2: Tuesday, 4th April

Acrylic Painting: Harry Potter-themed – “Welcome to Hogwarts” Harry Potter Paint Party. So Potterheads, time to board the Hogwarts Express and travel to the world of magic. We shall swish and flick our brushes as we paint the stunning Hogwarts.

Materials required – Thick Paper 300 GSM or more/ Canvas Board (Approx 8 by 10 inches)/ Canvas Pad, Acrylic Paints, Brushes (One flat, one round 5/6 number), palette/plate, water, etc

Day 3: Wednesday, 5th April

Lippan Art – Mud & Mirror work (also known as Lippan Kaam) is a traditional Mural Craft of Kutch, Gujarat India.  Participants will learn to use Shilpkaar clay, glass, and mirror to make their Lippan work with a contemporary twist.

Materials required – Canvas (Approx 8 by 6 inches)/ costers/ MDF boards, Mould it (Shilpkaar clay), talcum powder (optional), Fevicol, Acrylic paint, brushes, water etc

Day 4: Thursday, 6th April

T-shirt painting  – Wear your creativity on your sleeve with your own personalized t-shirt. Using masking tape techniques and brush painting, participants will paint some cool T-shirts in this session.

Materials required – Any cotton T-shirt (preferably white or light color), Acrylic Paints, Masking tape, Brushes (One flat, one round 5/6 number), permanent marker, a pair of scissors, chart paper (optional), palette/plate

Day 5: Friday, 7th April

Mixed Media Photo frames   – Mixed media is a term used to describe artworks composed of a combination of different media or materials. In this session, participants will learn to use to create a photo frame with a combination of materials they have.

Materials required –  Mdf board or canvas or thick paper, Fevicol, acrylic paints brushes etc, sponge, tooth brush
Other materials like Lace, buttons, artificial flowers, old puzzle pieces, glitter, colorful thick threads, newspaper/ magazines, Small mirror pieces, and design stencils are optional. Participants may use any such material they have at home.

Week II:

Day 1: Monday, 10th April
Doodle Art: Doodling is a popular art form for children these days. Doodling is limitless and has tons of options. Lines, shapes, cartoons, natural elements, letters, and much more that help in visual expression.
Materials: Any drawing paper/ sheet or a surface that you would like to doodle on, pen/pencil/fine marker/ colors

Day 2: Tuesday, 11th April
Dot Art: This session introduces participants to Dottilism. Dottilism helps to focus apart from being an art form used it to decorate stones, canvases, or other materials. Let’s create a beautiful dot painting with colorful 3D dots of Acrylics and get introduced to Dot Art. We will make an art piece using only dots.

Materials: Any drawing paper/ sheet/canvas or a surface that you would like to dot paint on, acrylic paints, brushes

Day 3: Wednesday, 12th April

Bottle Painting/ Pot painting – Upcycle your glass bottles/ plastic containers into a beautiful piece of art using some fun and endearing art techniques making most of the materials available to you.  Participants will be guided to use multiple techniques to make beautiful bottle art.

Materials required – Empty glass/ plastic/ metal bottle or jar, acrylic paints, brushes, sponge(optional), earbuds/ Q tips/masking tape, any marker or sketch pen.

Day 4: Thursday, 13th April
Fluid Art: Fluid painting is a fun art technique that uses thin paints to create one-of-a-kind pieces without traditional brushwork. Paint is applied to a canvas by pouring, sprinkling, or other dynamic methods. In this session, you will learn different techniques of acrylic pouring using a pouring medium. The end result is beautiful and sometimes unexpected designs in front of you.

Materials required – Canvas (8 by 10inches/ 10 by 10inches/ 4 coasters), 3-4 shades of acrylic paints (fevicryl brand only), paper cups (10), 1 ballon (optional), gloves (optional), paintbrush, thick and thin

Day 5: Friday, 14th April
Tie and Dye – Participants will be introduced to tie and dye fabric art in various cultures. You’ll be playing with colors and water – splashing, dipping, twisting, folding, tying, and dyeing to create a lovely piece of textile art.
Materials required – Fabric or piece of cloth/ t-shirt, a container for dyeing, rubber bands, threads, spray bottles/ paper cups, salt, acrylic paints, a bowl of water, and small glasses or bowls for mixing the dye (colors)

Age: 6+ years, Adults can join in too for some fun too

1st Week: Mon to Fri, 3rd April to 7th April
11 am to 1 pm (IST)
2nd Week: Mon to Fri, 10th April to 14th April
11 am to 1 pm (IST)
Venue: Online classes on Zoom

Fee: Rs 3500 for both weeks
Rs 2000 for any one week
Any individual class – Rs 500

Look forward to an engaging experience in picking up new skills!

To stay updated with the sessions, join the  WhatsApp group with the link https://chat.whatsapp.com/CP1RliwfMNdDZnoCJaclOn