An Introduction to Calligraphy

An Introduction to Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a kind of music not for the ears but for the eyes.’ It’s a visual art related to writing. It is the design and execution of lettering with a broad tip instrument, brush, or other writing instruments.

Intelligentsia, offers a brief tryst with Calligraphy on Oct 7th. We strongly believe that any art form, however complicated, can be mastered if practiced under expert guidance along with step-by-step instructions.

Attend a three hour workshop and learn two distinct fonts and a composition. ‘All participants will take home a piece of their composition. Material will be provided at the venue, just bring along your enthusiasm and learning spirit!

The workshop is conducted by Tina Rajpal Solanki, Founder of Intelligentsia, an experienced educator and counselor with over 15 years of experience. She is a Penkraft certified trainer in Calligraphy and Handwriting Improvement, and has been coaching young and adult alike. She finds calligraphy truly liberating and meditative in nature, and suggests it as a therapeutic tool in anger management and in alleviating anxiety. She also conducts parenting workshops and individual counseling sessions for couples and young parents.

Maximum: 7 participants so register ASAP
Fees: 1800 per person (all material included)

Brush Lettering

Brush Lettering

Brush lettering is about creating letters,strokes and projects with brushpens or brushtip tools. Brush lettering is a beautiful craft that is a tribute to hand lettering and calligraphy. It is more like Modern Calligraphy with Brush Script.  While calligraphy is the domain of the purists, brush lettering is more freestyle – it involves the use of brushes and brush pens.

Course will include: Study of basic strokes, upper case, lower case, numbers, word formation and techniques to enhance your final project. The workshop would cover various techniques to use brushes and the fine distinction of pressure variations.

Materials provided : Practice Guide, Brushpens (pack of 12), a folder, A4 size coloured paper

Needless to say, the artist will load you with a plethora of creative ideas

Date:17 Sep 2017
Time: 3pm – 5.30pm
Fees: Rs 1200 (inclusive of all material costs)

Brush lettering and modern calligraphy workshop

Brush lettering and modern calligraphy workshop

Brush lettering & calligraphy workshop

Learning Brush lettering is a lot of fun. This class is for beginning letterers or for lettering artists who want to learn some new tips. The 5-hour exhaustive workshop would be conducted over 2 days.

What to expect from the workshop:
-Learning Brush Lettering techniques. How to correctly use brushes and nibs and learn basic strokes
-Develop skills of using pressure variations to get beautiful contrasts in letters
-Practice of English letters and their variations would also be covered
-How to connect individual letters to create words in a natural-looking way
By the end of the workshop you’ll be well on your way to developing your own personal brush lettering style.

You need NOT carry any materials. We will provide you everything you need for the workshop.

This workshop is suitable for any age group, just that the hand must be stable to write and draw clean strokes.

Date: July 12 – July 13
Timings: 6.30pm – 9.00 pm
Trainer:  Shreyas from LetScribr
Fee: Rs. 2,000/- (includes all material costs)

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Introduction to Lettering for beginners

Introduction to Lettering for beginners

The “Introduction to Lettering” class will take you into the amazing world of lettering and show you how easy it is to get started.
Learn about the tools required and how to apply them.

You will be introduced to a variety of tools and techniques, and you can decide which ones you want to pick up and progress on.
There are infinite possibilities in the world of lettering and you can create your own signature style.

Topics to be covered in the demo class:

Introduction to the amazing world of lettering.

Basics of Typography and Calligraphy.

What is lettering, and how it relates to Typography and Calligraphy.

Types of lettering: Brush based, Nib based and simple pencil drawing.

Introduction to the tools used – types of brushes and nibs (flat and round)

Basic principles of usage of the tools of lettering.

How to dismantle the letters and creating them with strokes of the brush.

Introduction to digitisation of lettering work. Converting a piece into a digital art form.

Applications of lettering, and how to create digital art that you can use.

Age – 12 years plus
Fee-Rs 350/- only (Yup, you heard that rt:)
You know you need to hurry up now.
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This is not a full fledged workshop, it’ll give you a tour of the world of lettering. You can take part in this and figure out which of the bigger workshops you want to attend.

Artist – Shreyas from LetScribr