Five-day Online Art Camp with ArthbyKshama

Pay Now The 5-day online art camp is all about inspiring creativity in kids of all ages. These activities will keep your kids not only entertained and engaged but give them a zeal to DIY and upcycle things that are around them. Day 1: Monday, 18th Oct Zentangle Still Life - The Zentangle Method is […]

Rubik’s Cube Online Classes


This course is about getting you to solve the most famous puzzle in the world, Rubik's cube. If you tried to solve it in the past and failed, worry not... you will be guided step by step through unique methods. By the end of the course you will be able to solve the Rubik's Cube from any […]

Watercolor Painting Online Course – Weekdays


We commence an 12-sessions in-depth watercolor course that will help you to master this unique medium completely. Learn watercolor techniques, understand the medium and pigment behavior, and much more in this course with us. Who would benefit from this course? This course is an introduction to watercolor painting practice for those who are new to […]

Brush Lettering – Three Days Online Workshop


Here is your entry into the amazing world of Brush Lettering. Brush lettering is like Modern Calligraphy with Brush Script. The art is about creating letters, strokes, and projects with brush pens or brush tip tools. Brush Lettering is a versatile and elegant form of hand lettering and is great for making posters, bookmarks, etc. […]

Fluid Art Online Workshop for Beginners


We have a Fluid Art Workshop, which is an intuitive form of art that is very captivating and gaining popularity amongst artists and amateurs alike. A fun painting technique that involves flowing acrylic paints resulting in mesmerizing works of art. We shall explore various techniques of acrylic pouring like ribbon pour, swirls, flip cup, strainer […]

Sketching and Pencil Shading Classes for Beginners (Online)


The sketching and pencil shading online course will introduce participants to the fundamentals of sketching and different types of shading. The following will be covered: Basic types of strokes like: i) Hatching ii) Stippling iii)Smudging iv) Shading v) Scrumbling The classes will focus on: A) Learning line fundamentals: i) Basics of line drawing ii) Drawing […]

Sketching and Pencil Shading Online Course


Our curated course offers a structured curriculum spanning 12 days, covering a wide range of topics to build a solid foundation in sketching and pencil shading. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect: Day 1: Introduction to Sketching and Pencil Shading - Understanding different pencil grades and techniques - Exploring basic strokes and shading […]

Acrylic Painting – Online Session


We are going to ditch the brushes and paint with our fingers. Feel more connected with your canvas and paints. Watch your paintings flourish with life when you follow simple finger painting techniques that let the paint do the work. Get your fingers in paint and create your masterpiece. So take an art break with […]

Watercolor Still Life Classes (Advanced sessions)

We commence a 10-sessions in-depth still life course. It's an art form that shows inanimate objects from the natural or man-made world, such as fruit, flowers, baskets or bowls. Through the program, we'll cover key topics such as : • Understanding textures • Layering • Color mixing • Color harmony • Color perspective • Use […]

Acrylic painting – Online Session

Acrylic paints are one of the most versatile and exciting art mediums for beginner painters. Participants will be guided through the course to understand LIGHT and FORM, MIXING of colors, applying LAYERS of colors to get the exact subject, COMPOSITIONS, and much more. Materials required: Canvas board  OR canvas pad OR Thick drawing sheet  – […]